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Monday, October 22, 2018

Growing in Faith, Hope and Love

Reclaiming Jesus: Sept. 30—Nov. 4

This six-week discussion will be based on a statement released earlier this year by an ecumenical group of Christian leaders in response to the misuse of Scripture and the Christian faith in a time of political polarization. The objective for these discussion sessions is quite simple. We will ask ourselves: What does it mean, in our time, to be a follower of Jesus? What do we affirm, and what do we reject, based on our understanding of the Christian faith and the Biblical witness?
We will spend the first session setting the ground rules for listening to and learning from each other as a model for civil discourse. On following Sundays, we will read and discuss as many parts of the Reclaiming Jesus statement as we have time for. We will meet Sundays, 9:00 am, from September 30 to November 4, in the Meeting Place, the classroom on the lower level of the education wing.

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